About 330 Tuning

In 2001 ASR Motorsports emerged as a leading car club in the Northeastern Ohio area. At this time ASR Motorsports has been deemed to have run it's course. 330Tuning is not a replacement for ASR Motorsports, but is a direct descendent, founded by one of the original members of ASR, and with a membership that includes many former ASR members.

330Tuning builds friendship and camaraderie through a shared enthusiasm for all aspects of automotive tuning. 330Tuning is an all make and model club, while we focus on sport compact and import performance cars, cars of all type are welcome if the owners share the same spirit of enthusiasm. The club will always focus on being affordable to its members as ASR did. While we will happily accept monetary contributions, and your help staffing events etc, the club will always do its best to operate without a set membership fee.

330Tuning focuses on car show events, but many of our members are active participants in other automotive events such as drag racing, autocross, etc. The club was founded to allow members to help each other and share a common bond of interest in automotive pursuits. The club already has Dunlop Tires and Valvoline Synpower working with members, and hopefully we can expand those commitments as well as obtain new sponsors to help our membership. 330Tuning will also continue the traditions of having weekly cruise ins, BBQ events, car shows, and other activities not only for its members, but to help the broader sport compact and import community have events to attend and means to communicate and bond with like minded enthusiasts